Calling all SMPS members and non-members interested in acting as the emcee for the SMPS Seattle Annual Reign Awards! We are searching for an engaging individual – or two engaging individuals – who are willing to entertain and host our annual marketing and communications awards gala held in June. 

A successful emcee is someone who has been involved with and understands the mission of SMPS Seattle; is comfortable talking in front of an audience for an hour; and understands being a marketer or business developer in the A/E/C industry. Prior attendance at a Reign Awards event is preferred but not necessary. No other previous experience required. 

 Time Requirements

· Work with the SMPS Seattle Special Events Committee and co-host (if applicable) on program content. 

· Rehearsal time with the SMPS Seattle Special Events Committee and co-host (if applicable).

· Physically attend the Reign Awards Gala - June 17th  

We are looking for professionals who exemplify extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the marketing, communications and creative services used in the A/E/C world. This could include A/E/C professionals or professionals from a related communications industry who have had experience working within the A/E/C industry. 


We welcome nominations or self-nominations. Judges do not have to be an SMPS member nor do they have to have attended an SMPS event in past, but having a general appreciation and understanding of the chapter’s mission and general membership is preferred. 

Time Requirements:

· Review sumbmissions on your own and physically attend an awards judging session with the other judges:   Time commitment: 6-8 hours

· Physically attend the Reign Awards Gala - June 17th: Time commitment: 3-4 hours

· Act as a judge representative at the Reign Awards, which includes providing commentary on the individual awards in front of an audience. Commentary/questions will be coordinated ahead of time, which may involve a brief conference call and/or emails.

SMPS Seattle is accepting applications now through March 6, 2020 for the 2020 Fellows Scholarship to attend the SMPS Build Business Conference in Austin, Texas, valued at $2,500!

Attending the SMPS Build Business national conference contributed to the long-term success of our Chapter’s six Fellows:  Karleen Belmont, Victoria Cooper, Kenda Salisbury, Ted Sive, Bill Strong, and Carla Thompson. . Eager to share that experience, they worked with Seattle Chapter leaders to create the Fellows Scholarship, so that other SMPS Seattle members have access to the same opportunity. This generous $2,500 scholarship covers all major expenses* for one lucky SMPS Seattle member to attend Build Business in Austin, Texas from August 12–14, 2020.

  • All current SMPS Seattle members who have attended at least (2) Fellows Forums are eligible, with the exception of previous Fellows Scholarship winners from the past five years. Previous unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to apply again!
  • If an application is incomplete, or if it reveals the applicant’s identity, employer, or co-workers by name in Part II of the application process, it will be disqualified.

*Allowable reimbursable expenses up to $2,500 total are restricted to conference registration, a maximum of (4) nights hotel, airfare/travel, and transportation to and from the conference location. 

Applications are scored according to the following rubric:

Benefit to the applicant - 50 points

Positive impact to employer or future employer - 20 points

SMPS involvement - 20 points

Overall quality of submittal (persuasive, well written, personal)  -10 points)

If you have questions please contact Amanda Privitt

Applications must be received by March 6th.

SMPS Seattle